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An exceedingly popular online streaming service and website, SolarMovie is perfect for all movie and TV show lovers. The site is undoubtedly one of the most visited websites because it features an assortment of films and series originating from all corners of the world.

What is SolarMovie?

SolarMovie is a torrent website that has and presents its users the links to an enormous list of movies and TV shows, all available in a single place. It is a company registered in the Philippines. Since the site offers more than just movies, it has gathered and garnered the attention and interest of several thousand people.

Overall, SolarMovie features all categories of movies, ranging from the old and underrated ones to the new and trending ones. It even provides films that are currently being played and projected in theatres.

Technically speaking, the site does not store the digital content of movies and TV shows on its server. It offers them to the viewers through the use of third parties. Hence, the website acts more like a liaison between the users and the providers. However, one must keep in mind that these third parties obtain digital content legally.

What Does SolarMovie Offer To Its Users?

SolarMovie is not so famous just because it has a few movies to offer. There is a lot more to the site than meets the eye. It proffers the link of several famous and trending films and TV series.

To summarize, SolarMovie provides to its users and viewers the following:
  • A varied collection of TV shows and movies
  • Free content of varied origin, languages, and genres
  • The absence of the need to subscribe and make payment for one stream the available digital content
  • Top-quality movies that are in High definition (HD)
  • Advertisement free streaming experience
  • User-friendly interface
  • Sports and Anime

What is there on the Main Page of SolarMovie?

The foremost and most striking thing on the homepage of SolarMovie is the search bar at the upper part of the screen. It helps the viewers to segregate and filter their search. Therefore, it reduces and minimizes the time taken to look for a movie or a TV series. A mere search by the name of the content does the trick in just a few seconds.

Below the search bar, a yellow box is present. It leads users to the entire, compiled, and filterable list of all the series and movies that the site offers and presents.

On scrolling down, SolarMovie provides a comprehensive but detailed report of themselves and their services. The descriptions mention how to access and watch the diverse content proffered by them and what categories they display under their menu.

When we move further down, we see that the page has three columns, separated by lines. The first column has the clickable options of Movies, Series, Cinema, IMDB, Dmca, FAQ, and Contact Us. The second and third ones have choices for genres and countries, respectively. Clicking on them will lead one to the required content.

At the very bottom of the page, SolarMovie links its users and viewers to a few other websites offering similar characteristics and matter.

Using the navigation panel at the extreme top of SolarMovie’s homepage, one can go to requisite content based on their genres, countries, rating in IMDB, and type.